Ch Beljekali L'Velvet Mist, HIT
Hips: 1:1 Elbows 0:0, Eyes: Normal, ATTS Temperament Test Pass
Seizure Free

 * Misty *

This me looking beautiful at2 & half years...
30 December 2003

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Misty lives  with her Mum "Lily" and human family, Gavin, Kris, Damien, Kaliya & Tahnea and is a very much loved addition to their family. 

Misty was a very successful show girl at Beljekali and gained her Australian Championship and Herding Instinct Certificate easily, along with passing ATTS Temperament test.  We see Misty from time to time and look forward to hearing her and her Mum's adventures! :~)

Show results:

2nd Excellent, BSDC of QLD, June 06, Mme Anny de Prez (Blg)
1st Excellent, Res Challenge Female, Oct 05, Mr Gert Christensen (Denmark)
2nd Excellent, BSDC of NSW, July 05, Mons Eric Desschans (Blg)
1st Excellent, Best Australian Bred of Breed, BSDC of QLD, June 05, Mme Willemine van Deijl (Ndl)
2nd Excellent, I&SE BSDC of NSW, March 05, Mr Jeff Luscott (UK)
1st Excellent, Best Puppy in Show, I&SE BSDC of NSW, October 04, Mons Norman Deschuymere (Blg)


Here's the latest pictures of Misty & her Mum Lily ~ 2008   Thanks Tahnea! :-)

Cuddle time with my human Mum, Tahnea... :o) Cuddle time with my human Dad, Brad  ..awww... :o) Look into the camera Misty - cute!

ummmmm, can we please come inside... we promise not to chase the caaaaat! hehe

 Misty & Lily...  look at the innocent angels! ^..^ Nope, we didn't make the mess - it was the cat! Don't you believe us!!

 ...hmmm, Misty is the culprit! No I'm not - I'm an angel - just look at me! :~)  We believe you Misty!!!!

New/old picture of Misty being shown by Jessica ~ January 2007

Picture courtesy of Amy Stevens

Here's Misty being shown at the June Breed Specialty...
Misty, with Craig, at the Breed Specialty June 2006 Misty at 2 & half years...

Below :  Misty from 10 months - nearly 2 years...
Misty at the Breed Specialty Oct 2006, 1st Exc, Res Female Misty at the Breed Specialty Oct 2006, 1st Exc, Res Female

Head study of the lovely Misty! ^..^ This me at 22 months Side Profile of me @ 22 months... Misty at 10 months

Misty gaining her first pass in a Sheep Herding Instinct Certificate Trial - August 2005
OK... keep in line! keeping them together...

Misty at 6 months 

...Misty at 3 months...  Beljekali L'Velvet Mist


Hi my name is Misty ^..^ On top of the world!

  ...Misty at 10 weeks...  Beljekali L'Velvet Mist

Hi my name is Misty ^..^ This is me, side on...


Hey Sharif, come and play with my palm leaf - it tastes good!

OK, I'll come and play with you!


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