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Pia with her Chad & Saskia ... 2005
12 September 2004

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Olympia, or more often known as "Pia" The Wonder Dog is a very much loved and adored addition to the O'Neill Family  ...although is said that the garbage men have another name for she does her very convincing "junk yard dog" imitation on Tuesday when they steal the garbage!!!

Pia socialises amazingly at the dog park and is friendly with everybody.  She loves to charge into the harbour with all her dog friends none of whom can bowl her over like she can bowl them over! ;o)

^..^   We here at Beljekali wish Glenys, Bryan, Chad & Saskia many, many years of enjoyment with their beautiful fun loving girl, "Pia"!   ^..^

I love my Chad & Sas... 2005 Olympia in a show pose at 6 months...

Pia's baby pics...
Pia at 7 weeks! awww.. 7 weeks...side view!


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