Belgian Shepherd

"Jeddah" - Beljekali's foundation female

Our beginning  with our beloved "Jeddah" - Grand Champion Darkfire Vegas Vacation  (1993 - 2002)

We have always had a passion for dogs and both we, Craig and Julie, have always had a four legged companion nearby throughout our lives.  In 1992, after losing our old German Shepherd, "Cosmo", to cancer, we decided to choose another breed.  We thought, a similar breed, one like our German Shepherd - dedicated to the family, who loved to be near and watch over us. Cosmo had been with us even before the first of our three daughters, Jessica, Kathryn and Lisa were born, over 12 years ago.  When each of our children were born, she welcomed and loved them, just like a normal protector would.  This is what we wanted in a dog.

We couldn't decide on a breed, until we saw a drawing of a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael from an American publication we found in the local library.  They looked delightful.  No, we admit they weren't very similar to a German Shepherd.  The only similarity was their pricked ears and what was written about their instinct of herding and guarding their flocks.  The description of the Belgian Shepherd was what we found to be the deciding factor - just what we were looking for, so we decided to go and see one in the flesh.  After meeting a number of Belgian Shepherds at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and talking to some of their owners, we were hooked!

 In 1993, "Jeddah", Belgian Shepherd Groenendael, Australian Grand Champion Darkfire Vegas Vacation, came into our lives as an 8 week old puppy.  We didn't really know whether we wanted to show her, but we did and she loved it, with top winning results to her credit.

We decided to breed with Jeddah and came upon a Kennel Prefix which would encompass our love of Belgian Shepherds and our love of our family.  The name "Beljekali" (pronounced Belj-e-karli) was it.  Bel, as in Belgian Shepherd and Je, Ka and Li being the first two letters in our daughter's names.

In our spare time the family love to travel the country-side, camping, spending time with, and showing our dogs and having a very happy and social time with family and friends.  What on earth did we do before?  Whatever it was, we can't remember - it was just too boring!

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Beljekali's Vision

Established in 1993 with purchasing Beljekali's first Belgian, Australia's first female Belgian Shepherd Grand Champion, Darkfire Vegas Vacation "Jeddah", we have come a long way and in some ways stayed the same....  What we can say from our first truely lovely Belgian Shepherd, Jeddah, she is our benchmark and what a fantastic benchmark she was and still is in our mind's eye!!!  Dearest Jeddah bred one of Australia's biggest winning Belgians, Multi-BISS winner Ch Beljekali Desert Storm, and Jeddah's Grandkids and their generations will keep her lovely type alive!!!

We would like to continue breeding, showing and performing with Jeddah in mind. 

A Belgian Shepherd that possesses true Belgian type as per the current FCI standard. 

One that is willing to work; has a bold and calm character; who is an ardent and obstinate protector of the family and property, yet is also willing to be friendly with the general public. 

To continue to breed Belgians that when you look, you see a "Robust Elegance" - a look that they can fulfil their task that they were made to do - being a Shepherd's Dog... 

To continue to maintain honesty and integrity and look to the "problems" and research as best we can do to reduce and hopefully eliminate the known hereditary problems that can sometimes appear in many pedigrees.

To continue to breed Belgians that when people from your previous litters are very happy to keep in contact and come back to us for another "Belgian type & character" everyone knows and loves so much!!!

When looking to the future, our vision is to maintain and keep abreast of the quality that the world's BEST Belgians possess and to incorporate what we see as the best quality into our Beljekali Belgian Shepherds.

Craig & Julie Fynmore
April 2005

4 x BISS  Ch Beljekali Desert Storm
(Ch Vadim du Pre du Vieux Pont (Imp Blg) x Grand Ch Darkfire Vegas Vacation)
Storm at 6 years old... Pic courtesy of I&SE BSDC of NSW, taken by Cath Clark.
Belgian Shepherd Groenendael
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