Beljekali Jive Talker


Pepe with his favourite girls Stef & Nicole :)

Born  10 January 2003
Owned & loved by The Mead Family

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  "Pepe" is a handsome Groenendael boy from our "Lily" (Ch Beljekali Fleur de Lys), and "Storm" (BISS Ch Beljekali Desert Storm).    Pepe is absolutely and utterly adored, as you can see, by all The Mead Family.  Stef and Nicole even like to play dress ups with their Pepe! ;O)

Here's some pics of Pepe - What a HANDSOME BOY!!!


Like my bandanna? ^..^ What's going on over there... Pepe - pretty!

Here's some baby pics of Pepe...

Pepe at 8 wks Pepe at 8 wks with his girls  :P~



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