Beljekali Quialigo Jo
(Hips: Elbows Eyes: )
 * Gabby*
Hi I'm Gabby ^..^

Born  11 November 2005

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  "Gabby" is lovingly owned by Lesley Knox.  Gabby, Lesley and her husband Don live on acreage near Goulburn where Gabby has loads of room to have fun and spend time with all the Knox family!  Lesley is looking forward to Gabby's future and has already enrolled her in obedience at the local dog training club.  We wish Lesley and Don many years of happiness with their girl and look forward to watching her grow!

Stay tuned...

Pictures of Gabby

Baby pics...

Gabby at 7.5 weeks ^..^  Gabby bodyshot at 7&half wks

Gabby sitting at 6 & half wks Gabby sitting at 5 wks Gabby at 4 wks


I'm the one of the left...

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