Beljekali Quinn
(Hips: Elbows Eyes: )
 * Quinn*
Hi I'm Quinn ^..^

Born  11 November 2005

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  "Quinn" is a lovely fellow who is owned and loved by Renee in Canberra.  Aptly named Quinn as it means the fifth born and wise, which he is both - the fifth born and very intelligent and quick to learn. 

Not long after Renee brought him him he sat on command and started playing fetch.  He met almost 50 different people and is going well at puppy school.  He and his 4-legged brother, Bailey, get along very well and Quinn is often seen pulling Bailey along in a rope tug-o-war.  So cute!

Stay tuned...

Quinn at 15 & 19 weeks

My lounge!? Quinn at 19 weeks.... my coat's coming okay! Didn't you know how Belgians sleep?!


Quinn at 9 weeks

A quiet moment - quick take a picture! What's going on!.... Quinn with the tug-o-war rope...

Baby pics...

Quinn at 8 wks Quinn at 6 & half weeks Quinn sitting at 5 wks Quinn at 4 wks


Quinn, 4th along, at 11 days...

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