Beljekali Q Malt Whisky
 * Whisky*
Hi there...  I'm Whisky! :-)

Born  11 November 2005

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"Whisky" is Beljekali's Q Litter Boy and first and biggest born.  We remember Whisky as a young baby puppy, being such a relaxed boy with a very loving temperament.  Whisky lives in Melbourne with his human family Andrea, Alan, Gwyneth, Meirian & Owen and is living the life of luxury, being loved & adored at every opportunity! 

Latest news on Whisky from Andrea ~ November 2007:

Here are a couple more photos of the beautiful boy...  Love Andrea.

*New/old pics* - updated April 2008

 HIGH 5! Let's play ball! ^..^
Relaxation time....  with my ball!! 8) Posing time! ;^)


November 2007

February/March 2007

We have been to lots of different locations for walking him. He has a lovely personality and is a very friendly boy - when we go up to the school, the little children come up to pat him.

We stayed at the beach over summer and during recent hot days we have been going to the Yarra River in Warrandyte. He enjoys going for walks with his current girlfriend Gypsy, a White Swiss Shepherd belonging to a friend.

Stay tuned...


Pics of Whisky

I love my outings, but hey, now time to relax! ;) Me at 12 months ^..^


Hi there...  I'm Whisky! :-) Whisky at 6 & half months.... what a cutey!

Whisky between 13 and 17 weeks...

I don't mind a game of soccer! one of my fave spots in the kitchen with my toy... Whisky at 14 weeks... ..and love going to the beach...

Whisky at 11 weeks...

Whisky at 11 weeks... How cute am I! Is this sit okay?  Quick take the picture....

Whisky's baby pics....
Whisky & Owen... What is that thing!? Now that I've figured this thing out - it's fun!!! :) Whisky at 8 weeks....

Whisky's arrival! Whisky resting - it's been a busy day! Whisky at 6 & half weeks... Whisky at the 3 week weigh in....


Last, on the right, at 11 days...


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