Beljekali Rembrandt
Hips:Elbows, Eyes: Normal

 * Bingo *

Beljekali has another AKC Champion! :-)

American KC Ch Beljekali Rembrandt "Bingo",
! Congratulations to Luana & Dennis !

24 August 2006

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Bingo lives in Hawaii with Luana, Dennis and Family.  Remy shares his life with his Groenendael girlfriend "Magic" and other 4 legged friend "DigDig"...  Bingo loves the water and helping out and we wish Luana, Dennis and family many years of success and happiness with Bingo!


Latest news & pictures of Bingo
April 09 ~
Group 1 under Judge Joseph Gregory
Group 2 under Judge Joseph Tacker

Bingo expertly handled by Taryn Perry ~ Thanks Taryn


August 2008

Luana writes:

Bingo wins 2 majors (3 points) under US Judge: Mrs Patricia A Mowbray-Morgan (MA) & Australian (Smiley) Judge: Mrs Carmel Kingston (NSW)

And to win 2 days in a row?!!  What a weekend!!
Much aloha!!
Dennis and Luana

March 2008

I'm attaching a picture of Bingo that I took about 2 weeks ago. It was our daughter's b-day and he was exhausted after playing with 6 little girls all morning!!

Much aloha to all at Beljekali!!!

Luana Mitchell

Thanks Luana! :~)

"Bingo's" BIG NEWS!!!:


As unexpected as this litter was, we are delighted with our 4 new little furry bundles.  Magic had an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. 

Bingo at 1 year Magic the Mum, Honeydael Black Magic

She went into active labor at about 8am on Saturday the 18th August, had the first pup at 9:35 am and all 4 were born before noon!  We couldn't have asked for anything better!  We have 2 boys and 2 girls.  The girls were born first and were a bit bigger than the boys initially, but the boys are catching up.  We are weighing twice daily and all pups are gaining nicely.  Mom is very attentive and gentle. 

Bingo is a DAD! ^..^ 

We hope the pups inherit their mom's wonderfully sweet temperment and her "smarts" and their dad's beautiful head, graceful movement and *twinkle*.  Both boys already have their dad's little-bitty white spot on the chest.

Bingo's son, "Blade" being shown!

Here's some more pics of a young Bingo ...

 I've been helping with the painting! Here I am with my human Dad Dennis and water everywhere - Am I gonna love this! ;)   Laid out after a great outing!  zzzzz

Baby pics...

Me at 9 weeks...  Cute huh!  Me at 7 weeks... Me at 6 weeks...  Me at 5 weeks...
 One of these is me! :-)


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