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Diva - ready to GO, GO, GO! :^)
24 August 2006

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"Diva" is a lovely R Litter girl, full of personality plus!  Diva lives with Janice & John in Victoria and has a wonderful life!  Here's wishing you all lots of fun and look forward to hearing all the updates and receiving pictures!  Thanks for keeping us posted! :-) 

Diva's latest update: March 2008:

As instructed - photo taken today.  Diva is on board the motor home referred to in my last update (October 2007) and has a "Come on - I've been waiting for ages!" expression.

I don't like to send too many updates because you are so very busy, but nonetheless you still find time to update Diva's web page - which is very much appreciated.  (Never too busy for a Beljekali update! ;^) ~ thanks Janice)

Obstinate, strong-minded, independent, a leader and won't do as she is told without good reason. This dog and I are very well matched!  Diva also has a terrific sense of fun, is very loyal, and has a black belt in cuddles.  In fact her training is going well and there's a great sense of achievement in forming a partnership with such an intelligent and spirited companion.

Basically - she is absolutely gorgeous and we remain hopelessly besotted!

Janice (and John, who she's got wrapped around all four of her paws) 

October 2007
Excellent "Stand, Stay" Diva! :~)



 Jess carried straight on; Diva chickened out when her tummy got wet.  Makes sense.  What Diva wants a bad hair day?

Diva's First Christmas!

My first Christmas.....  ^..^

...and so little time.  Rumour has it that I've got loads more coming tomorrow.  Yippee!


Lots of people have been coming and going as well so I've been action packed.   It's hard work being a Diva!


Lots of love - happy Christmas and a successful and healthy 2007 to you all.  Give my mum a special hug please.


Beljekali Retro Diva ^..^

Here's more pics of Diva ...

See I can keep still!!! ^..^ Diva in her new home...

Baby pics at Beljekali....

Me at 7 weeks Me at 6 weeks...  one ear up! ^..> Did you want me!  Here I come! :~)


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