Beljekali Supasonic Jett (HIC)

(Hips 3:2  Elbow 0:0  Eyes: Normal)

* JJ *

Hi - I'm JJ  ^..^             

Born 7 September 2006
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"JJ" is a gorgeous S Litter boy who now lives down in beautiful Tasmania!

JJ, formerly known as Jett, lives with Maria, Bill, Sara and Joseph at Midniara Belgian Shepherds.  He enjoys lots of play with Maria's other 3 Belgians and all the visiting people and dogs! :) 

Maria fell in love with JJ at first sight and JJ with Maria.  Maria decided with the special circumstances surrounding her acquiring JJ, she'd track his progress and has started a diary.
JJ's Diary   *
We look forward to lots of diary entries and many pictures and hope everyone will enjoy the read!  Thanks Maria!

We wish Maria and all at Midniara many years of happiness and success with their JJ and look forward to hearing all the news!

Show Results & Pictures
9 June 2007 ~ 1st Puppy Class & Reserve Challenge (RCC) Male ~ Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Qld ~ Breed Specialist Judge: Mr Sonny Strom (Sweden)

18 April 2008
19 months looking at my human Mum, Maria  8~) WOW ~ Look at me now! ;^D
Pictures taken here at Beljekali

March 2008 ~ in Tasmania - Battery Point
I lurve to swim... Fun in the sun with sis "Sweetest Storm" & friend big "Jett" 

Relaxing, after a hard days PLAY ;0)


JJ, lived his younger days in sunny Queensland with Monique & Luke - pictures below.

Jett, Monique & Luke experiencing and competing at their first Qld Breed Specialty....  June 2007
Jett at 9 months was awarded 2nd Best Male Groenendael (RCC) and Best Male Groen Puppy~
Being judged & critiqued... Jett, handled by his human Mum, Monique
Monique with her other favourite little man, Luke! Always time for cuddles...



Jett at 6 months ~ March 2007

February 2007

Jett with his favourite little human "Luke"

More pictures of Jett...

What a cutey! Me with my playmate "Dolly"! ;) Front door duty! :0)

Baby pics  at Beljekali....

Me at 7 weeks  Me at 6 & half weeks

 I'm in there somewhere! ;~)



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