Beljekali Serene Mishka

* Mishka*


Born 7 September 2006
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Mishka is one of the gorgeous S Litter babes that is owned and completely adored by Frederick & Sanae in Canberra.  Mishka looks like her Mum at the same age, and has the same "devilish" good looks! ;~)  Mishka enjoys her daily walks and swims at the river!
Thanks for the great pictures Frederick & Sanae - we look forward to more adventures with Mishka in the future.   

Here's Mishka's picture gallery... ENJOY!!! 

Mishka's recent pics.... February 2007 ~ at the River...

Mishka at home...  hmmm, by the looks she has been into a bit of Mischief!!???


Mishka at 11 weeks....

Baby pics  of Mishka at Beljekali....

I was that small once! I was in there somewhere! ;~)



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