Beljekali Tindra (IID)
  Hips 2:2 (PennHip: 0.24 left 0.22 right) Elbows: 0:0 Good  Eyes: Normal

* Tindra *


Whelped - 16 December 2006

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Tindra  means "twinkle" in Swedish and that is exactly what Tindra is - a lovely twinkly little star.  Thanks Carin for the name! ;~)  Tindra is very special to Beljekali.  She was made in The Netherlands, sired by the absolutely stunning "Brendo" de Bruine Buck with our lovely Finnish sweetheart Je M'Appelle "Livia"   whelping her litter here at home in Australia Our wonderful Swedish friends, Carin & Anders Lryholm looked after Livia and made sure everything was fine for Livia to come to Australia three weeks in whelp - something we will always be grateful for - Thanks Carin & Anders :-)

Tindra lives with Karishma and spends all her time alongside her human Mum.  Karishma is a Vet and takes Tindra to work with her every day, so Tindra gets to meet lots of people and other animals.  Tindra also gets to play with Q Litter Tervueren boy Sunny, who is owned by Karishma's Mum & Dad, Lata & Rashmi.  Many thanks to Karishma for taking such wonderful care of Tindra!!

Here's wishing Tindra and all her litter sisters lots of success and happiness!


Latest News/Results:

Tindra March 2010


October 2007 ~ BEST PUPPY IN SPECIALTY SHOW ~ Judge: Mrs Jean Lawless (Ireland)

Tindra ~ Pictured here at 10 months, being shown at the Breed Speciality ~ October 2007

Pictures courtesy of Cath Clark

9 June 2007 ~ Best Puppy in Specialty Show  ~ BSDC of Qld, Specialist Judge: Mr Sonny Strom (Sweden)
12 May 2007 ~ Best Baby Puppy in Group  ~ Cootamundra ABKC, Judge: Mrs H Beasley (NSW)

Tindra being shown at Albion Park KC Show on 5 May 2007
Tindra being shown on 5 May 07, handled by Julie

Tindra at 4 & half months...


Tindra at 10 & half weeks...


Tindra at 8 & half weeks...

at 7 & half weeks...

at 6 weeks...


at 4 & half weeks...

 at 3 & half weeks...

 I'm on the left!!! That is a bright light!!! 

 Day 21...


more to come......

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