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Happy 6th Birthday Tessa :-)
30 December 2003

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Tessa is a sweet L Litter baby that lives with her loving owners Nel & Max - who affectionately call her their "velvet faced black monkey"!   Tessa enjoys her early morning walks to the oval where she runs free and chases the ball and while at home, enjoys the good life, sorting out which toy to play with and getting tummy rubs of Nel & Max!

Latest News and Pictures  ~

Tessa's 6th Birthday

Tessa's 5th Birthday ~ a girl's got to have a party hat! ^..^

November 2008 ~ holidaying at Kiola Beach ~ fun, fun, fun! :-)

September 2007:

We still call Tessa our puppy. Nearly 4 years old – hard to believe!  She is such a a lovely dog. From the 17th – 27th September we were at Kioloa on the beach. It is such a lovely place. 

Kioloa Beach - such a lovely place...


 We have a cabin with a closed in verandah and gate. We were on the beach at 6.30am most days and there the fun starts for man and beast.  Halfway between two beaches are some rocks where we have a muesli bar and an apple shared with Tessa. She loves fruit!  

Nel & Tessa ~ having a rest.... Me & my ball...

…and of course water for a very sandy faced dog!  But no rest… the ball is very important.

Hurry up and throw it!!!

She drops it close to us and goes and hides behind a big rock, just looking over the top. She is so funny! :-)

"Ear Rock".... we can see you Tessa! ;^)


Then we aim for a rock pool – she loves it all.  After an hour of all that we walk back over the beach to the cabin and her breakfast and big sleep for her, and peace for us! Next month we go by train to see Suzanne for her birthday and get to meet their puppy (Beljekali Uniek Mieke). Mieke they call her.  Mieke loves the kids. Suzanne said she’ll send you some photos. We hope you’ll enjoy to see these photo’s. 

Bye for now. Max & Nel & Tessa!  ^..^


Here's some more pics of  the lovely Tessa!

Tessa at the beach at Ulladulla, May 2006 I'm 2 today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESS!


This is me at 3 months! Me & My 2-legged Dad! Sweet baby! ...another baby picture of me ^..^



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