Beljekali Ulrich Kain     Beljekali Ulbrecht Abel

  * Kane*                                 * Abel *

Hi I'm Kain (on the left) ^..^  Hi, I'm Abel (on the right) ^..^

Born  1 June 2007
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"Kane" & "Abel" are two of Beljekali's handsome U Litter boys with tonnes of ooks and personality!  They live up in Cairns in Queensland and have a wonderful time playing around, visiting beaches and getting into all sorts of mischief!!  They are wonderfully cared for and thoroughly spoilt by their Master Mark.

Here's wishing Mark lots of great fun, success and many happy times with his beautiful Beljekali boys!!!

Latest pictures & update from Mark on the boys adventures! ;^)
March 2008

First of all I want to thank you for the chance to have such wonderful friends. Kane and Abel bring so much enjoyment not only myself but everyone who gets the opportunity to meet them.

Unfortunately my “water proof” digital camera turned out to be not so water proof which means it’s been hard to send many updates but I managed to borrow one for the beach trip on the weekend. When I get them all gussied up I will send a few more shots showing off all their glory.

Mark with his boyz at the beach March 2008...
Hmmm, wanna play huh!? Ready, set... let's get ya!
U Litter Bro's cruising.... We're cool!  ^..^  ^..^ Can't catch me! harr harr! Now it's my turn - betcha can't catch me!!!YUK! ya really sink in this stuff!

Abel, posing for the camera! ;^) Kain's turn to pose! :)

Many thanks again Julie and Craig and I will be sure to keep you posted.


Thanks Mark for being such a great home! :)


Kain & Abel, 3 months...
Meet Kain ~ the red one! ^..^ Meet Abel ~ the grey one!

Kain Baby pics...

Abel Baby pics...



Baby pics...



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