Beljekali Urastar Apollo
 *  Apollo *

Born  1 June 2007

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"Apollo" is one of Beljekali grey U Litter boys with loads of personality!  He lives in Sydney with his humans, Sonja and Ned and his fur brother, Cocker Spaniel, Max!!

Here's wishing Ned, Sonja great fun and many happy times with their Beljekali boy Apollo and Cocker friend Max!

Latest update from Sonja & Ned on their Apollo & Max adventures! ;^)

One week with Apollo, and he’s settled in very well. He’s ears perked up on Monday!

We started puppy school with the Pup’s and they certainly showed their personality amongst the other puppies.  Apollo assessed the surrounds for 1hr and then decided to play with the most dominating puppies. (2 Stafffie’s) Yikes! Their was a bit of squealing happening...

Our Cocker Spaniel Max, went to sleep in the class!   Apollo must be wearing him out  ;-) . Max is feisty and dishes it out as much as Apollo does, just Max doesn’t know when to stop, until Apollo bares he’s teeth.  Apollo has been very good at teaching Max to wee on the paper and or taking it outside!!!!!  Yippeeee. Mr puddles no more, now Apollo needs to teach Max to knock off the barking.  Max is a little yapper!

 As you can see by the photo’s they have bonded very well. Apollo is a pleasure to have, he’s been taught to sit and lay down already. We are very impressed!

In regards to food, Apollo doesn’t seem to eat much. Max just inhales food.

Apollo, does love to run and jump. Where trying to stop the jumping, he’s bit of a jack in the box sometimes. Tug a war is a favourite game of his. He loves dragging around Max. 

That’s all for now.

Apollo’s Mum and Dad
Sonja & Ned

Stay tuned...

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