Beljekali Uniek Mieke
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Born  1 June 2007

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"Mieke" is a gorgeous U Litter girl, utterly adored by Suzanne, Wal and family.  Mieke lives on the coast in central NSW.  Here's wishing Suzanne & Wal many wonderful times and enjoyment with your lovely Mieke.

Latest update

1 June 2010:
It's Mieke's 3rd birthday today and we thought a few photos wouldn't go astray, and you could celebrate with us.  She is very much a part of our family!  She is a wonderful dog and enjoys a cuddle always.  She is quick to learn and enjoys long walks and strangers are impressed by her friendliness.  She looks different to her siblings which we enjoy looking up on the website from time to time.  She is quite comfortable with walks along the beach and always returns to us when we raise our arms.  No point in yelling when she has got out of earshot!
Regards, Suzanne & Wal

Thanks for the update Suzanne & Wal ! :^)

Mieke's 3rd Birthday ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIEKE! ^..^



November 2007:

Mirke is now 22 weeks and growing . She is learning to like her beach walks and meets up with 3 other Belgian shepherds for a morning conversation a couple of times a week.  The waves still frighten her a bit , but she is much better than her first few trips.  She is still learning to socialize with other dogs and doesn’t know whether to rush them or retreat and so she does this forward and back motion. Very funny to watch.

 She is in her 3rd week of obedience training and just loves all the dog handlers – and gives them all lots of kisses.

She now sits, drops,stands and is learning to heel.  We have to teach them a trick by week 7 so my son is teaching her to roll over so we can give her a belly rub,  and also check for ticks at the same time...

...We groom her every day which she loves,  which is just as well seeing we have to go over her so often.

 She has almost stopped nipping but still loves to push us around with the side of her body as if she were herding us. We are just pushing her back and then she gives up...

...Mieke is a wonderful dog with a beautiful nature.  We are so glad we have her.  Working through puppyhood is a bit of a challenge but I hope our pebble eating and sock swallowing and thong chewing will come to an end.  (She hasn’t swallowed pebbles for a while- for which I am thankful and the sock arrived 2 days later on the deck.)

...She still has a very black muzzle with a fairly grey chest. Her coat has gone really rust in colour with a splotch of black high on her tail and a black end on the tail.

Everyone stops to admire her. Mieke loves her rubs and comes inside only at night if she can manage to stay on her mat. 45mins is her record.

We hope all is well with you and your family and your doggy family too.

Suzanne  and Wal 


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