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 Pretty Girl!!

Born  1 June 2007

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"Sandy" is a cute, friendly, upbeat girl that shares her life with her humans, Wei & Bill.  Sandy left Beljekali and headed for Singapore when she was 3 months old, bounding out of her crate to jump up and greet her new family. 

...whilst here at Beljekali, Sandy's best pal was Tindra, who both spent many, many hours playing, digging and getting into all sorts of mischief!!! 

Here's wishing Sandy, Wei & Bill many years of pleasure with their sweet little Sandy!

Latest update from Wei ~ April 2008

Sandy's doing really well...
Sandy's character has really developed well as she matures. She doesn't put up with "bullying" dogs, but neither is she aggressive when unprovoked. There is a good balance there, sweet natured and yet firm when warranted. But she sure likes to play though! Bill and I have no doubt that we've got the clown of the litter. Boy is she always up to her tricks.
Her favourite play routine, besides for her daily romp with her best friend Amigo, is splashing around in the puddles after it rains. All the better if her friends are there! Whilst her greatest fear right now is "Time out". Not only that, she is real tenacious too. Her sweet and persistent nature has warmed the hearts of dogs previously socially aloof to seek her out for some play now.

All in all, she's a really great dog, and we're really glad to have her. Thank you.

January 2008

 What a pretty girl! ^..^ Me & my friend Amigo! :~)

September 2007...

This is me, graduating from Puppy Class ~ I think I look pretty!!!

She's really attached to the sheep toy she arrived with, bringing it over when we ask "where's ba ba?"


Regards, Wei


Stay tuned...

Here at Beljekali ~ The day Sandy left for Singapore...

Baby pics...


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