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 *  Smudge *
 Hello ~ I'm Smudge ~ :^)

Born  1 June 2007

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"Smudge" is a sweet little cutey that shares her life with her human Mum & Dad, Dani & Mark way over West in sunny Perth!

Here's wishing Dani, Mark many years of happiness with their beautiful Smudge!

Latest update ~ June 2008:

Hi Julie and Craig

Just visiting the website and have been inspired by Ed and Monica's latest update on Lucas - what a beautiful - happy looking dog. It's great to see our Smudge's brother doing so well. We just love that photo of him jumping for the stick - we've seen our girl do the same for the ball time and time again - no wonder they excel in agility!

We've been meaning to send a big "Happy First Birthday" to all of Smudge's siblings and a special mention to Kirri for the anniversary of all her hard work!

Smudge is doing brilliantly - she is such a joy. We could absolutely relate to Ed and Monica's comments re the morning and evening smooches and cuddles - Smudge is exactly the same. I really look forward to my greeting when I get home from work - it always involves a bow/stretch from a sleepy puppy, followed by vigorous licks, cuddles and general smooching - quite the homecoming! Not even matched by my husband!

Have attached the latest pics of our now very grown up girl, and her best mate - our cat Oliver

Looking forward to seeing how the new puppies grow - thanks so much for keeping us all in touch

Take Care - give all the pups a cuddle for us

Hugs and stuff, Dani, Mark & Smudge xxx
(Thanks so much Dani & Mark for sending us your latest on the lovely Smudge!)

February 2008

Smudge at 8 months What are you doing!???? Smudge at 8 months

Here's me bandaged with a broken toe... woops...


Smudge September 2008 (3 months)


Sisters, Freya (left), Smudge (right)     ~     Freya, getting cuddles from Smudge

Smudge at 11 weeks...


Baby pics...


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